Easy Cron job

Easy Cron job

Easy Cron Job

This guide explains the process of monitoring easy cron jobs for all the links that is enabled.

1. Login to the website. https://www.easycron.com/

2. Go to "Enabled" section on the left hand side.

3. Select the URL and right click and select "Go to   sites.mpmedia.tv/feeds/video-general-safety........" 

4. The link opened will show you the results 

5. Now edit the URL and remove the "create_json.php" and hit ENTER

6. This link will give you all the media file links like images/videos, where you can check if it is showing up properly or not

7. Select the link and right click and select "Go to - http://sites.mpmedia.tv/feeds/vid"

8. This will show up the media file where you can verify the content and make sure it doesn't have any issues while viewing the image or playing a video

9. Run all the links by clicking on each individually and see the results are positive

10. If there is any issue with any of the links, you will see an error like "Error/Failed/Unsuccessful or Forbidden" and such issues should be reported immediately to concerned department/person.

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