Introduction to Onsign

Introduction to Onsign

Introduction to OnSign

This article explains how to Login to Onsign.

You will be provided with a username and password at orientation.


Please contact your Team leader/Manager for receiving your username and password.

Understanding OnSign

4 main tabs should be visible on the homepage for admins. Other users may or may not see all 4 tabs, based on permissions set by the administrator. Contact your TL, should you require access to any tab.


  1. Content Tab

The Content tab is the data warehouse. It assumes the function of a file manager (i.e. Explorer on Windows/Finder on Mac). To a large extent, it also functions as a content builder. 

           2. Players Tab 

The Players tab displays the list of players in your digital network. Click on any player to view status and control settings. The Players tab offers a powerful sort function and a search function to pull up the player quickly/controller that requires modification.

         3. Player Groups Tab

Player Groups is a time-saving functionality, that allows you to control a group of players quickly.

         4. Dashboard Tab

The Dashboard tab is an intuitive monitoring system for administrators and tech support. The dashboard offers real-time map view of the various controllers/players in your network. It also provides an overview of connectivity, content and app version status of the controllers/players. It is the primary trouble shoot assistant, and produces error and warning reports as well. Check on the Dashboard tab every XX minutes/hours to ensure that serious errors/warnings are reported on an immediate basis.



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