Update OMC Hardware Monitoring Client on Outdoor LCD

Update OMC Hardware Monitoring Client on Outdoor LCD

Update OMC Hardware Monitoring Client on Outdoor LCD

This document outlines the procedure on how to update the hardware monitoring client on outdoor LCD

Download Link for new OMC APK File:



OMC Management Portal Site:


User: America001

Password: 123456


1. Login to OnSign

2. Go to the players

3. Open a player

4. Go to remote view

5. Select high resolution 

6. Press back button to go to the Menu


7.  Click 8 Times on Powered By Logo to Access Hidden Admin Menu on Player

8.  Click on Application Menu 

9. Select Chrome or browser 

10. Type the link http://content.mpmedia.tv/OMC/marvelomc_304.apk  into the browser bar using the onscreen keyboard and hit OK.

11.  Hit OK on the Warning Prompt to download the file:

12.  Hit back until you get back to the Application Menu and Select Settings


13. then select Apps, 

14. Locate the DataGather App/Chinese app and if you find then uninstall them

15. DataGather May not Fully Uninstall, it may just revert to original pre-installed version.  Either way hit Back until you get back to the Application Menu

16.  Select File Explorer, 

17. Internal Memory and select downloads

18. Select the MarvelOMC304.apk file 

19. Install it.

20. If you are prompted to allow google to review app security then hit "DECLINE"

21. When install is complete hit open

22.   You will see a screen like this and you should see the Network Option say "Online" with a Green Dot

Hit Settings, and Enter the default password which is a Lower Case a then click the left button which is "OK" in Chinese

23. Take a screenshot of the Devise Number and the Device Name

24.  Login to the OMC Portal 

25. Find the Device with the Matching Devise Name and ensure it has a Green Dot next to it's name

26. Return to the Marvel OMC app Settings and Enter "ttyS2" into the SCM Port Field (MUST BE CAPITAL S).  Hit OK

27. All remaining sensors should light up Green (or at least not gray). Hit X to close and then hit back on Remote View until you get back into OnSign Application

28. Verify All Sensors reporting in OMC Web Console for this controller 

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